GatedList Shoe List #1: 12-09-2022 Friday

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GatedList Shoe List #1: 12-09-2022 Friday

Quincy Lin
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What you need to know before purchasing:

A La Carte List #1 (in PDF format) is not a subscription and it contains shoe leads from non-Nike brands. The subscription has a limit of 50 clients; that is, 50 copies of the list can go to 50 clients at most. Five of the 50 copies are made available here.

Note1: This list contains two pages: first page contains today's fresh leads and second page contains leads from the day before that have been verified not yet expired. Those leads are highlighted in green. In essence, you are getting two lists at the same time. On Monday's list, the "Yesterday" list shown on the 2nd page is actually the list from previous Friday.

Note2: Leads that are highlighted in yellow are what we called "Second Best" leads. These are the leads that slightly missed our stringent screening criteria but still hold good profit potentials.

Additional A La Carte Shoe Lists:

List #2 (Non-Nike): https://gum.co/mixlist2

List #4: (Nike-only): https://gum.co/nikelist4

Want more leads at lower cost per lead?

Please visit https://www.gatedlist.com for details on various subscriptions that might best fit your needs.

Subscription: As low as $99 a month, via our Loyalty Reward Program.

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For even more leads from non-shoe categories:

There are 4 additional lists that might suit your needs.

Website: https://qiklists.podia.com

Subscription: As low as $99 a month, via our Loyalty Reward Program.

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You are paying for GatedList shoe list #1. This is a single day purchase and not a subscription.

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